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  • A European Commission's success story: "Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre"
  • Presentation of the project Young Europe 2 yesterday in Ghent as part of the annual meeting in cultural education. The European Theatre Convention was represented by Jan Linders, Director of the Theatre Department at the Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany
  • At the International Theatre Festival in Avignon, the ETC will share its work experience in the panel "International collaboration and young audiences" presenting the successful European youth theatre project “Young Europe”. The panel is organised by Assitej France on July 18 at 14h30 at the Cloître Saint Louis in Avignon.
  • 2 years of project in one final newsletter: Watch also the documentary of the Young Europe festival :
  • Dear Young Europe Festival! Thanks for the beautiful three days. That was a wonderful experience. I would like to add my congratulations to the many you will be receiving. I hope our contact will continue in the future. Nándor Nagy from Hungary (composer and pianist)
  • The Young Europe festival takes place from May 13-16 2013 in the Theater an der Parkaue Berlin. Don't miss the chance to see the 6 productions created during Young Europe and meet the artistic teams from Cyprus, Hungary, Germany, France, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. The programme brochure is now available!
  • Kali-Kantzar & Co (Cyprus Theatre Organisation)
  • A trilingual play by De Toneelmakerij (Amsterdam) and Det Norske Teatret (Oslo)
  • January 23 at 19:00 - Premiere of the play 15:15, coproduced by Helsinki City Theatre and Theater an der Parkaue. Watch the trailer
  • At last!!! Our much awaited premiere is taking place tomorrow, at the new State Theatre, home of THOC (Cyprus Theatre Organization) in Nicosia. "Kali-Kantzar and Co" is a musical, unexpected, extreme, amazing, exciting and beautiful. Saturday, January 12th, 6pm.
  • Christmas is Coming..! And so are the ‘Kalikantzaroi’ in the two latest Young Europe 2 Premieres
  • What is happening at the Cyprus Theatre Organisation? Seems like some Kalikantzaroi are already appearing... more infos to come soon
  • Trailer of 15:15 Helsinki City Theatre (Young Europe 2 coproduction with Theater an der Parkaue)
  • 8 young people from Berlin and Helsinki have written a common play using an online collaborative writing tool developed by Helsinki City Theater and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences named Noodi. The play is written in English, and then translated into Finnish and German to be finally staged by artistic casts from both countries. The writing process has been driven by two theatre pedagogues, Emma Puikkonen, from Helsinki and Julia Schreiner, from Berlin under the theme of chaos. The German version will be staged by Sascha Bunge, the artistic director of the Theater an der Parkaue and the Finnish version by his colleague, Kari Rentola, artistic director of the Helsinki City Theatre.
  • Watch pictures of "15:15" coproduced by Helsinki City Theatre and Theater an der Parkaue
  • Young Europe 2 premieres : Palinkantzaroi at the Miskolc National Theatre (HU) on Dec 4, IK/EG at the Det Norske Teatret (NO) on Feb 22 and on March 13 at De Toneelmakerij (NL)
  • Steven Clark talking about new trends in artistic education in Europe during the Young Europe 2 conference in Miskolc
  • Radio interview with the actors of the play "La Vache et le commissaire", in German "Fragen Fragen, Questionner les questions" coproduced by the TJP Strasbourg and the Junges Staatstheater Karlsruhe
  • The project Young Europe 2 has been selected to be presented as best practice example at the conference “Culture in motion: European Audiences: 2020 and beyond from October 16-17. Heidi Wiley will intervene on October 16th during the panel 2 "Engaging the audience: Shared experience" moderated by Mary McCarthy. Involving the public at the programming stage is one possible way to inter-act with the visitor. But maintaining relations with the public is an important part of any cultural initiative. Providing audiences with opportunities for dialogue, both through physical meeting places and social media, is becoming more and more essential. This can involve discussion and interaction with the artists themselves as well as with the hosting organisations, journalists and in other fora. Another interesting trend is a growing tendency to move beyond the audience as simply a passive spectator towards being an active participant in the creative process itself. This is sometimes called “participatory art” and recognizes that artworks become alive first when a visitor see, experiences and interacts. What other ways are there to engage directly with an audience during the visitor’s chain: arrival, reception and follow-up?
  • Young Europe 2 project partners and ETC team
    • ETC presents Young Europe 2

      Young Europe 2

      Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre 2011-2013

      "Young Europe 2" is an artistic education project developed under the umbrella of the European Theatre Convention with the patronage of Mrs. Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliament and President of Committee on Education and Culture of the European Parliament.

      For the 2nd time, the ETC develops with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Commission the 2 year European artistic education project: "Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre" with the aim to establish a European multilingual drama repertoire for young people, focusing on artistic education through theatre and multilingualism in theatre. Based on the successful first project edition, which was attended from 2008-2010 by over 20 000 young people in 8 countries, "Young Europe 2" will take place until autumn 2013 offering young theatre professionals and adolescents across Europe to work and create across multilingual borders.

      8 ETC member theatres in 7 countries (Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Norway) commission four new plays written with the support of young people and will produce seven new performances that will be translated into eight languages to be staged and circulated in European schools and theatres. "Young Europe 2" carries the ambition to further enhance the development of a European drama repertoire for young audiences, to exchange best European working practices in theatre, to provide international working opportunities for young artists and to lay the grounds for sustainable relationships between theatres and schools in complementing the artistic education curricula.


      Young Europe 2
      theatre partners

      Staatstheater Karlsruhe Det Norske Teatret Helsinki City Theatre Parkaue Miskolc National Theatre Cyprus Theatre Organisation De Toneelmakerij TJP


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      "This work programme has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein".
      Fondation Hippocrene

      Media partners

      Cafe Babel ParisBerlin


      Culture serves as an important source of creativity and innovation. As there are various cultures in the European Union, cultural diversity has thus always been one of the European cornerstones in order to promote the intercultural dialogue between the different member states. For me it is consequently crucial that young European citizens learn to be receptive and open to other cultures and languages.

      I am therefore very honoured to patron the ETC flagship project "Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre" that promotes the access to culture through education and wish that this project encourages the intercultural and multilingual exchange among young people."

      Mrs Doris Pack,
      Patron of Young Europe
      Member of the European Parliament and President of the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament, Germany

      The Europe we are living, creating and sharing together, is the Europe where today’s children and youths will make the decisions tomorrow. It is a Europe shaped by our turbulent and hesitant progress, transition fears and expectations, local prejudices and global freedoms, lost ideals and the desire to return to them. This is a Europe of different languages, cultures, traditions, different pasts and perhaps different dreams of the future. But, it is a Europe with an equal desire for understanding, coexistence and a better tomorrow. A Europe we pass on to the young.

      What the Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre programme offers is a picture of European differences in a joint artistic effort to emphasise the unchanging values which connect us. These are measured by the openness of the young to go beyond boundaries and find opportunities for a different and better unity. Theatre, as a mirror on our world, is surely a guarantee for the future of the young, those who imagine a better tomorrow for the Europe of today.

      Mrs Dubravka Vrgoč
      President of the European Theatre Convention, Artistic and general director of the z/k/m and World Theatre Festival Zagreb, Croatia